United Nations,
Ocean Science Day

Firetale worked with Flinch Marketing & United Nations to help provide media support for their inaugural conference “World Ocean Science Day”. We worked closely with Flinch to provide digital content before, during and after the event.

The video below was presented at the conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. We worked with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and UNESCO's existing stock footage to create a conference opening video. We crafted a tone and over-arching story for the film. We wanted to bring out the emotional importance of the work that scientists and the UN are playing in creating a healthier ocean. 


A Story About Our Ocean | Conference Presentation Video


We were also asked to provide digital media presentations for the awards ceremony during the event that we covered at the conference. 

Awards Presentation | Digital Media


During the conference we were asked to capture some photos to show highlights from the conference. 

Highlights Images


We worked  with BBC reporter David Eades and Sky TV to create a highlights video. 

A Story About The Ocean Conference | Highlights Video


After the conference we prepared two public awareness videos to encourage the conversation about global ocean science and health. A highlight of this project was working with UN ambassador Adrian Grenier and his team. 

Ocean Health | Public Awareness Videos


The final part of this campaign was making a giant statement to the world declaring the start of a global initiative to make a difference to the environment. We produced content for a giant digital billboard in Time Square, NYC. This was the initiation of 10 years dedicated to ocean science and changing our world. The movement helped create conversation around lowering plastic consumption, the health of our ocean wild-life and the the health of our marine eco-system.

A Statement To The World | Digital Billboard In Time Square, New York