Digital media that moves hearts before heads.

Firetale is a video production and content creation studio based in Wellington, Zealand.



Sunpix People's Choice Award 2017

ANZ Pasifika Rising Star In Business Award 2016




Firetale - We are a video production and digital content creation studio based in Wellington, New Zealand. We help brands grow using digital media.


Our mission is to spread the good values behind brands.


Every member in Firetale is unique and can bring something different to each project.


Firetale Showreel

Below is a portfolio of our most current work.


Why Firetale

We want to impact the world and make positive change through video and digital media.

Trust, confidence and competence are a few of the qualities we look to bring into every new project.

Firetale partners with brands providing them with a plan to help grow their business through digital media marketing.

A chat over coffee, phone or Face Time is always a great start to see how Firetale can help.

Say hello.



Here are some brands we have had the opportunity to work with. You can view the projects and how we were able to help them achieve their goals. 

For more of our work, click here.


United Nations | Digital Media Marketing Campaign

Whare Hauora | Digital Media Marketing Campaign

Bee Intelligence | Promo Video

Teddy Lane | Brand Campaign

Kikkoman | Television Campaign

Best Me | Brand Campaign


Brands we have worked with


Agency Partners

The Digital Chapter | Digital Media Consultancy Agency

SpaciFX | VFX & Animation

Wonderland Firm | PR Agency