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About Us.


Firetale - We are digital storytellers creating digital media for brands that moves hearts before heads. We are Wellington's premium digital content agency based in Wellington, New Zealand focusing on  video, photo and design. We specialise in digital content that reaches your audience on an emotional level, so they can be truly invested in to your brand.


Our mission is to help brands spread the good heart behind their products. We believe together with you, we can inspire the world and create positive change in every persons life.


Our team are made up of spontaneous passionate creatives, combining our ideas and talent to make Firetale magic. We are a family here at Firetale.


Firetale Showreel 2018.


How we work.

Not all digital content is the same, we understand all media needs to be implemented efficiently. We help by working with your brand so that we can best advice what digital media will be most effective to build your business.

Our goal is to find the emotional connection between your audience and your brand. We prefer to help guide the creative process rather than dictate it - that being said if things get stuck we will always push things in the best direction.

Firetale partners with brands to provide them with great digital media for their projects.

A chat over coffee, phone or face time is always a great start to see how Firetale can help.

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Our Work.

Below are some brands we have had the opportunity to work with.

For more of our work click here.


United Nations | Digital Billboard

Aqua Hounds | Social Media Campaign

ACC/Mental Health Foundation | Promo Video

Teddy Lane | Promo Video

Kikkoman | T.V Commercial

Best Me | Brand Campaign


Brands we have worked with.