Whare Hauora

Whare Hauora didn’t know where to start when it came to approaching their brand in the digital marketing space. We helped Whare Hauora identify their digital voice and brand to help communicate their message. Below is a motion graphics piece we created from the ideation process through to design and motion graphics.  We chose motion graphics as the best way to present the video as it is able to communicate the message fluidly and creatively.

Whare Hauora Promo Video


We designed every frame from script through to sketch and the we finally brought the sketch to digital life with digital illustration and motion. We chose vector art as the illustration style as we thought it would work well to describe the technology.



Below are the product shots that we took of the Whare Sensors. We chose to use simple white and floral props to create a natural look for the technology. We used natural tones to bring a sense of calm and peacefulness, supporting the Whare Hauora brand.


Whare Sensors


Below is the colour iterations we provided for the Whare Hauora Brand to help them stand out on social media. The sensor kits were framed as a house to communicate the intentions on the product.

Whare sensors on colour

Whare Hauora Green_2.jpg
Whare Hauora House_Yellow.jpg
Whare Hauora House_Blue.jpg