Rosie Vai - Kokorice Music Video

What we did for Rosie Vai

For this project we gathered a group of talented people and businesses to make a music video for Koko Rice by Rosie Vai feat rap from GiantKilla.

The concept behind the music video was to treat each scene as photo frame. With each "frame" representing a different side of Rosie and also values that are important to her. For us that meant balancing great visuals with an even greater message.

In this project we collaborated with The Team:

Artist and muse - Rosie Vai

Set design - Mindy Dalzell from Twig & Arrow

Fashion styling - Pinaman Owusu from ADJOAA

Hair and make up for Rosie - Scope Nginingini Ofolanga Tuungafasi from Scope Styler / Cut Above Academy

Set photography - Daniel Ivy Poluleuligaga-Vena from My Heart Follows Photography

Make up for Banquet scene - Romaine Solomona from Romaine - Makeup Artist

Concept artist - Dom Whittaker from


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