Beyond Big Business

Edition 2: Little Sprouts


Meet Little Sprouts, one of the coolest volunteer run charitable trusts here in New Zealand. They help your little ones take their first steps in life as they provide free baby pack to families in need. Every child deserves the best start in life and Little Sprouts helps make this possible with the help of the community.

Becoming a parent can be scary enough, we really do think it's impossible to know how exhausting and challenging a newborn can be unless you've had one yourself. Having a charity that helps and supports individuals moving into such a critical step of their lives is invaluable. Because of Little Sprouts, now hundreds of babies are given packs every year by social workers at over 70 charities across New Zealand. Over $1 million of baby items are gifted every year. Such an incredible amount only supports how important this trust is.

Little Sprouts wouldn’t be able to achieve what it does without volunteers and communities coming together. This just shows what the power of kindness and passion can do, when like minded individuals come together. The part we played for this trust was creating a video that highlighted the epic battle between Kris Faafoi & Chris Bishop. Both were given the task of packing a box for babies in need with supplies that were donated to Little Sprouts. We hope that with this video we can raise awareness about Little Sprouts’ work and use our storytelling skills to send a message across that resonates with and inspires others.

The Firetale Team

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