Beyond Big Business

Edition 1: SPCA


Being digital storytellers, we are able to share stories from all walks of life, representing the heart behind brands and individuals, expressing their true messages. Each member of the Firetale team has their own passions, yet the common ground we all share is the desire to make a difference. The digital world is oversaturated with content that we are exposed to each and every day, so if we are to create content, then why not give it meaning and help inspire and motivate others. Create content with purpose. Working with charities is a huge part of the Firetale brand and ethos.

We shot from a very different perspective for the SPCA Wellington. The SPCA helps protect over 45,000 animals in New Zealand every year. Animals who are sick, injured, abused or simply abandoned. There are multiple programs that the SPCA run to engage and educate our communities. Animals are a gift. They help our emotional and physical wellbeing, supporting us through our hardships and struggles. Research has shown that people who interact with animals may experience increased levels of oxytocin (otherwise known as the “trust hormone”, “love hormone”, or “bonding hormone”). We believe animals aren’t here for our entertainment or to be of use to us. We have a responsibility to give those a voice that cannot speak for themselves.

With these social media promotional videos, we hope to give these animals voices and find them safe and loving homes. Looking towards the future, we are excited about working further with companies and charities aiding animals in need.

The Firetale Team

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