Social Media Marketing


With social media becoming a prime platform for every person to advertise their business, it has become flooded with countless ads. From what I've seen recently if you want to advertise on social you can't just throw an ad on Facebook anymore. Here are some tips I have learnt from observing the changing marketplace of social. Tip number one, network with exisiting databases - if you want your brand to get the fattest exposure possible, team up with current influencers who already have a large following on social. When you work with brands or influencers that have large following you automatically get your message to thousands of people who interact with these platforms. Tip number two is to be original - Creating your own unique content on social can be very effective as it will stand out from everything else. There is a lot of template videos and stock footage available to businesses but it will never be as effective as original content.

Social Media is constantly changing and so are the ways the the different social platforms show off their paid advertising. Make sure you research how they are advertsing your brand before choosing a social platform to advertise on.


360 Film.


The 360 camera phenomenon is still be researched and no one has been able to fully utilise this new camera feature. From what I've seen on the internet so far, this type of storytelling has been most effective in documentary films. With other storytelling films though like fictional short films, the 360 camera angle hasn't been as effective. The gaming VR world has greatly benefited from 360, giving the gamers a real life perspective.

As it stands, no one has become a 360 camera expert, so it leaves the playing field wide open for anyone to explore the 360 camera. Who knows if in the future all our cinemas will be equipped for a 360 camera experience.


The demand for a story.


Everybody wants a story now. When I look at social media and commercial video content and what people respond to, a story seems to always get the a lot of traction. A video that contains a great story goes viral and gets the same engagement as a cute puppy or fail vid.

With digital cameras and editing becoming more accessible to the general public and not just exclusive to Hollywood filmmakers, the creativity of story telling has also changed. Once upon a time you could tell a story with just words on a website or on facebook and people would read, then it developed in to a photo that told a thousand words, today it's a video that consumers want to see. But not just any video, they want to see a creative story, something that makes them think, feel happy, emotional, something that impacts them.

A rhetorical question to leave you on.

What's your story? If you could choose between telling your story with words, photos or video, what would you choose?


Viral Vids


Viral videos are what everyone wants their video to be now. But what actually makes a viral video and how to you create one. From all the viral vids I seen, here the the common factors I have found. 1 - Viral vids need to be short. The majority of viral video are very short and last up to 30sec to 1min. 2) The are humorous - the highest impacting viral videos are either animals or funny videos. People on social media enjoy having a laugh. 3) Unpredictable - The best viral videos just happen by chance and capturing the moment on camera. If you want to create a viral video a lot of the chance of it going viral is about luck and how many people want to watch it.