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Our planning phase is always based around the heart and vision of your brand. We will research and conceptualise the right creative direction for your project. Strategy can involve ideation, script writing or music. Planning is the foundation of every project and at Firetale we believe it is the key to achieving the best possible results.

If you need help gaining some clear direction or if you already have some ideas you'd like to bring to life, then get in touch with us today.





Video is our passion at Firetale. We live, breathe and dream about creating videos. From planning, production to post production, Firetale can take care of the whole process. Story telling is at the core of every video we create. We love to combine our creative flare with your unique story to create something memorable. 

Contact us now if you have a video you would like made.





Our photography service covers food, fashion and lifestyle photography. We can help with the ideation and creativity of the project as well as the styling and look of the photos.

We also work together with a range of expert photography brands to help create your desired vision. If you're having trouble finding the right photo fit for you, then get in touch.


Video Workshops.



We offer a video basics training workshop. We will train you on such topics as, creating a video brief, ideation, camera settings, camera techniques, video editing etc.

Workshop numbers are limited. If you are looking to get in to video or your staff need some up skilling to learn, then we are happy to help. Contact us for more info.


Firetale Weddings.



When Firetale first began it originally started as a wedding film business. Four years later Firetale is still creating wedding films for a limited amount of couples every year. Firetale is a reputable brand in the wedding industry and we remain passionate about creating authentic, timeless wedding films.

Check out the Firetale Wedding website.